Weird FPS issue, please help.

So I'm having an issue where when I'm playing a game called Trine my FPS are good/locked at 60. If I pause the game though fps drop to 50 until I alt tab and then they go back to being locked at 60. I have a 4870x2 and after pausing both cards activity goes to 99% until I alt tab out and back into the game.

I didn't think too much of it and thought it was just something wrong with Trine, turns out other games are doing it too now except in other games it seems more random and doesn't have to do with pausing. All temps seem good, have no idea what's causing this. Please help! :/
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  1. Also it doesn't seem to be a driver issue as it started doing this with the drivers I had been using forever and also does it with the new 13.1 drivers.
  2. What is your Power Supply? A poor PSU can sometimes cause frame rate issues.
  3. Is V-Sync off?
  4. It's a good psu, idk the exact model or anything. It's 750w, haven't ever had any problems with it. I think if the psu was going bad I'd notice something... anything more than these very specific problems I'm having. Not going to say it's impossible but I doubt it's the psu.
  5. V-sync has nothing to do with it. It happens with it on or off.
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