Would the AMD FX4100 bottleneck the GTX 660 TI?

I currently have a GTX 650 and my setup is:

AMD FX4100


8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)

Cooler Master Extreme 500W PSU

So my question was will the GTX 660 TI be too powerful for the FX4100 to handle? I'm not into overclocking and no desire to, and if it is what graphics card would you guys recommend that is better than the 650?

Thanks for answering!
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    No your Prossesor will not bootleneck the GTX 660.
    660TI is a great card and I'd say stick to it. Your Prossesor can even handle 670
  2. thanks for the reply man. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my graphics card (660TI)
  3. I agree. I have an AMD FX 6100 with a GTX 670 and I get 55 fps on Battlefield 3, so I guess it's just the same thing but with 2 cores less (I don't really think a lot of games use more than 4 cores).
  4. It will not much bottleneck.but in few games cpu will hold back as fx 4100 has poor single threaded performance and note that it is not real quad core assume that it is dual core.
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