Windows 7 can't see Windows XP

That's not entirely true as I can see the XP computer on the Windows 7 computer, however when I double click on the icon for the XP computer I get an error message "Windows can't access ...". I am able to browse the public libraries on the Windows 7 computer from the Windows XP computer, but not vice versa. Yesterday after setting up the network I it seemed ok in both directions, but today only one way. I've struggled with this problem for almost a year now with both wired and wireless connections, 2 different XP computers and 2 installs of Windows 7 on the new computer.
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  1. I changed the Windows Firewall settings in the XP computer to allow file and print sharing. Now when I attempt to access the XP computer from Win 7 I'm prompted for name and password, however the Windows 7 HomeGroup pass word doesn't work and there is no password for logging into the XP computer when starting Windows. Where do I find this password?
  2. Under the permission tab, you might want to add in "everyone" to share the folder and see if it works. You dont actually need homegroup. The typical file sharing is good enough.

    Edit: Add the share "everyone" on your windows 7 folder.
  3. OK, I;m hoping someone, anyone, will have a working solution!

    Similar problem here, a Win 7 Professional and a Win XP Professional SP3 on a network. Both members of the same Workgroup. Both set up for file and printer sharing. Win 7 set up for auto net discovery, etc.

    At present, the Win XP machine can see AND ACCESS the Win 7 machine (had to add a username and passord to the Win 7 machine to take care of that username and password issue, but even without that the Win XP machine could see and access the Win 7 machine). However, currently the Win 7 machine doesnt even show the Win XP machine in Network...

    Sometimes the Win 7 machine will indeed show the Win XP machine in Network, but if I click on it I get the "0x80070035" network path not found error!

    I have Googled this and tried many different "fixes", all to no avail. I have also tried disabling Windows Firewall on both, with no luck. Also allocated static IP addresses to both... no change.

    It should be noted that in the past this same Win 7 machine could see and access the same Win XP machine, and the only changes since have been the relevant updates that both have installed.

    If anyone has a working solution to this, I would greatly appreciate not having to keep scrolling through every Google find in order to discover what does and doesnt work!

    Thanks all.
  4. @vkmarty

    You're not alone mate. I have the pretty same settings with a machine running XP SP3 and my other Win 7 Pro desktop. Both on the same network, both with the same workgroup, both with Everyone permissions in the sharing properties, allowed file & printer sharing etc... yet the Win 7 machine can't access the XP shared folders.

    I have a WD Live TV entertainment unit hooked up on the same network and it sees both the XP and Win 7 shared folders. The Win 7 can see the WDTV but it's virtually impossible to see the XP computer.

    I've been around this for quite a long time, using different machines and different OS with service packs. How come sharing is only one way?

    I'm hoping someone would shed some light on this dilemma.
  5. Where is the folder location of the folder you are trying to access through the windows 7 machine.

    I think its going to be related with permissions and allowing access to the machine or possibly where the folder is located.

    How have you set it up? Have you created a share on the folder you want the Windows 7 machine to access?
  6. Also have you tried accessing it by going into the start menu on the windows 7 machine and in the search box type...




    Let me know what happens.
  7. I've run into the before. What fixed it for me was removing the Windows 7 machines from their Homegroup. Not the Workgroup, the Homegroup. That enabled network sharing between the two OSes for me. Google "how to remove from Windows 7 homegroup" if you need help.

    Also, enabling Simple File Sharing on XP sometimes helps. Tools > Folder Options > View > Enable Simple File Sharing. I think it's all the way at the bottom of the checklist.
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