HD 7950 witcher 2 and metro 2033

Hi to all 7950 users:

I have been getting 35 avg fps on metro 2033 on maxed out, and
only about 65 fps avg in the witcher 2

my spec:

cpu: i5 3570k
gpu : hd 7950 xfx @ 900 mhz stock clock

according to this


my fps is way too low,

what kind of fps are you guys getting for these two games?

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  1. Benchmarks are not always right besides they use the components they could find in their rig.
    Either way your fps is really low so check that it is not a driver issue and direct x is upto date.
  2. the top one must have anti aliasing turned off as even 7970's are crippled when AA is turned on in 1920x1080

    for metro that is
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