How about a GeForce gtx 670 4gb?


I need a graphics card for I am building in my opinion a really fast machine. I want to run every game near ultra or max settings. I know from the past the only 2 brands that have the best reliability are ASUS and Gigabyte. I want to know what a 4gb will do compared to a 2gb? Also, I do not know if I need to over clock them or just use inboard boosting tools?

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  1. Gtx 670 is execellent gpu for any games.4gb vram is only useful if you run skyrim + mods otherwise you will not need 4gb.for 1080p gaming 2gb is more than enough.i would suggest go with gtx 670 2gb and save money !
  2. Thanks for the response I am glad that you agree. Think into the future there could be more games requiring v-ram, and I also want to not have to buy a new video card for at least 3 years! Are you sure 4gb is enough!?
  3. 4gb will be so much more than enough if you are only using one monitor. I'd go with the 2gb. I had one for a week, but then had to return it, but it was a great card while I had it!
  4. I just looked into this and found out that the ASUS 4gb card is only $30 more than the 2gb version after mail in rebate! I may get that!
  5. Asus DCUII is great but don't bother with the 4gb one.

    Your GPU will be too slow before it runs out of VRAM.
  6. I just saw an AMD benchmark on sleeping dogs where it used 3gm of vram on an AMD card.
  7. The 670 is not a fast enough card to need 4GB of vram. Don't waste your money. There are ZERO benchmarks that show ANY improvement on a 4GB 670 or 680 compared to its 2GB counterpart, at any resolution or setting.

    For example,
  8. GPU's will cache as much as they need and show it being maxed. By the time you run out of vram you will be getting about 5fps
  9. Alright thanks guys I will look into now getting a 2gb GeForc gtx. Clearly it can run everything on max, and no games yet require more than 2gb especially for one display. Thanks again!
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