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OSD monitoring for Intel CPU and HD 4000 graphics

Hi, I would like to know if there is any software out there that can provide OSD monitoring for the temp of my Intel i5 3570k with it's HD 4000 igpu. Before, on my old pc with Nvidia gpu, I used to use EVGA Precision X but for my new pc it's giving some sort of driver error and failed to launch, same goes with MSI Afterburner. No, I don't have GPU card in my new pc yet, for now just using the integrated graphics.

Have searched online, found no answer.
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  1. AIDA64 or Rivatuner
  2. Thanks but I forgot to mention about monitoring the temperatures, not just general info like clock speeds, etc. Tried AIDA64 and it didn't provide igpu temperature monitoring. And i'm pretty sure RivaTuner is too outdated for Intel HD 4000 igpu.

    Wondering if there are any other options...
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    It will be the same, or very near your CPU temperatures.

    If I remember correctly HWmonitor has monitoring for IGPU if you really want to. But they have the same/near temperatures because they are all integrated.
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  5. I understand now. So i'll only be monitoring the cpu temp. Thank you.
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