My pc not playing 1080p vids smoothly

Hi, can anyone help me?

I have a full HD graphics card and full HD monitor, which I thought was all I need to play full 1080pc HD videos, but I still can't play them without jutter. The 720p HD vids play fine, but just the 1080p ones struggle.

I don't get it because people kept telling me all I need is a full HD graphics card and monitor and I'll be fine but I am obviously lacking something.

I recently downloaded mpc player, which handles up them slightly better than vlc player, but still no smooth playback, and I installed core avc professional, still no luck.

I have Nvidia geforce 210 graphics card and a AOC 22inch full hd monitor.

What do can I do?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. what are your proc....? (could u list the full spec of the comp)

    10bit vids depends more toward CPU (processor bound) than GPU...

    being 1080p makes it more harder...
  2. Here are my specs

    windows xp pro 64bit professional
    AMD Athlon LE-1600 2.21gh
    4 bg ram
    Nvidia geforce 210 graphics card
    AOC 22inch full hd monitor.
  3. Hmm, not much can be done,

    If u can try open task manager when watching 1080p see if the cpu is works at 100% most of the time... (if it works at 100% most of time then cannot do much, if it not there a problems elsewhere)

    in VLC there a hardware acceleration support in the option try enables it, and u can also increase the buffer time from 300ms to 1000/3000 ms... see if it helps....
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