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you can get 7970s for around the $400 mark. im thinking of holding off until the 8970 comes out. but i dont know if the 8970 will be more then 400? will the 7970 go on sale or drop in price to around $300 when the new 8000 series comes out? i have a feelnig the 8970 is going to cost about $500
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  1. We have no way of knowing if/when there will be a sale on 7970s or what price the 8970 will launch at. There are rumored prices for 8870/8850, but they are just that; rumors. If you are willing to pay $400 for a 7970 then go ahead and get it. If not, looks like it's time to play the waiting game.
  2. yes i hate the waiting game. i belive ill wait. no point in settleing for the 7970, the 8970 will be a good performance increase. plus i doubt the 7970 would drop price. knowing any gpu manu theyll just wait for all there stock to sell at full price then release the 8000 series
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