I need help with MY ATI all in wonder 128 video card. I bought this card in US that use NTSC system. Now I moved to Indonesia that most is PAL system. When I connecting my vcr to pc . I got black and white display on my pc. People said that problem is on your card that NTSC and your vcr (S-HVS) is PAL.
Question :
Can I overlock or do something to se/change my ATI Card to Pal system ?
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  1. i dont think so.

    generally when you have NTSC, you have PAL as well. (i speak about your graphics card)

    maybe you havent set your graphics card software/driver to PAL ? (in US, the default is NTSC)

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy...
  2. The North Americal ATI cards support South American versions of PAL, but not European PAL. If Indonesia uses PAL-M or PAL-N then it should work, otherwise your SOL.

    Here's a quote from the AIW 128 directly from the ATI website.

    Q11: Will there be a version of the ALL-IN-WONDER® boards for Latin America?

    A11: The NTSC version of ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ also supports PAL M and PAL N for use in Brazil and Argentina.

    Q12: What are the differences between North American and European ALL-IN-WONDER® cards?

    A12: The North American boards have "closed captioning" while the European boards have "teletext".
    The software bundles that accompany the retail product may be different in different countries.
    The 16MB versions of ALL-IN-WONDER® 128 in Europe are mono-audio. Later ALL-IN-WONDER® boards in Europe are stereo-audio.
    The Interactive Program Guide is a North American feature only at this time.
    The European version of ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ is available in AGP only. The PCI version is currently under development.

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