Won't Recognize 3TB Size

I'm having an issue with Windows 7 Home not recognizing 3TB drives. They show up as 746.5GB in Windows Setup (3TB in BIOS), and I have them running in RAID1 (via Intel RST 10.8). From everything I could find this was a problem with Intel RST 10.1 and older, and should no longer be an issue OR can be fixed in Windows through some extensive maintenance.

Can I fix this prior to Windows 7 Home Installation? If so, how?

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  1. Sorry, can't help you. The only thing I can offer is that you should post your question in the "Storage" sub-forum where people who are more knowledge than I can help you with your issue.

  2. standard motherboard bios's cant support over a certain size.

    i believe UEFI bios fixed this issue but dont quote me on it.

    but the problem is only new motherboards have that for example my socket 1155 has it but i dont know how many amd motherboards support it

    it will say on the box and manufacturers website
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