GTX650 or GTX550?

Hey guys im just wondering which graphic card would be better for my pc Gigabyte nVidia GTX650 or Palit nVidia GTX550?
Feel free to find me some cheap graphic cards to run cod4 on a excellent resolution with 250fps:)
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  1. Between those two, definitely the GTX 650. What do you mean by "excellent".. 1080? Cards like those probably won't get 250 fps but they will get more than 60, which incidentally is the number of refreshes your screen can perform anyway
  2. They both perform quite similar. I'd get the GTX650 though since it uses less power. Although to be honest, I would rather get the Radeon HD7750 instead of a GTX650. I can't guarantee any of those cards would give you 250fps in COD4 at 1080p. Even on lower resolution, there's also a chance you'll be bottleneck by your CPU first.
  3. From that gtx 650 is better.i would suggest get hd 7750 instead of 650 as both performs equally but hd 7750 is cheaper and just consume 43w at i suggest get hd 7750
  4. Yeah full resolution 1920x1080 at 250fps ye HD7750 is a good CPU is an Intel i3 3.30Ghz.
  5. My GTX650 happily gives 50 -60 fps at 1920x1080 with Assassins Creed 3 and Oblivion on max settings with no glitches. Slotted into asrock H77m and using i3570K with 8GB 1600 RAM.
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