7850 and AMD Phenom II X4 920: is it a good couple?

I'm going to buy a Gigabyte 7850 (my 8800 is gone...).
I tested it on another computer and I loved it.
My current config is this:
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.81GHz
Ram: 4 GB
Motherboard: AsusM3A32 MVP Deluxe
XFX 550W Pro
Resolution: 1360x768
I would like to play Skyrim or BF3 and I'd like to spend my money without bottleneck problems or something like that.
My CPU would be good enough, or I have to overclock? Should I change my thoughts and buy another graphic card (GTX 650ti, for example)?
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  1. This will be a good combo. No worries. OCing should not be necessary, but could improve overall performance.
  2. Ok. If you are sure I won't have problem with the motherboard and there won't be CPU limitations, I will buy the 7850.
  3. Given the relatively low resolution of your display, you will have no limitations. Have fun and enjoy the new GPU!
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