A Graphic Card Problem?

Hello everyone. For the past month or so, I have been having a problem with my computer where after it restarts, the display would mess up displaying a lot of rectangles. This generally happens after about 15 minutes once I have turned the computer on. My parents are suggesting that I should probably get a new computer, however, the actual computer does not have virus problems, runs incredibly fast (All of my data is stored on an external hard-drive), and has not given me any problems until recently.

Thankfully, I actually remembered to take a picture of the problem and decided to use this opportunity to determine the answer to this issue:

Just for a little history, this computer originally comes with Windows Vista software. However, for work purposes, I needed to have Windows 7 installed on my computer. This problem had occurred after this software was installed (like a month or two later).

So basically I am asking (for anyone that has experienced or seen this before), is this a graphics card problem? For the record, I am not really tech savy, so I would really appreciate your guys help! ;)
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  1. system specs?
  2. darth pravus said:
    system specs?

    The PC is a Windows Vista Home Premium by HP (HP pavilion a1737c). It has 1024MB of memory, a 320GB hard drive, and a 64 X2 Dual Core processor.
  3. Why not try reinstalling if all your data is external and then make sure all your drivers are correct and your not using the vista ones that came with the pc
  4. do two things try and clear the system out may be dust or heat that causing the onboard video chipset to fail.
    or drop in a cheep pci video card. now your system has a small and weak power supply so you cant use a high end video card.



    myself with a system from 2006 i would take dad and mom offer of a new pc. a two core g cpu with 4g of ram is going to be a whole lost faster then your old system was. if your close to going to collage a build it your own system can last with good parts 4 or 5 years.
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