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So guess what! Microsoft in an obvious attempt to bilk the consumer for even more money is not going to update the software for their first Sidewinder series controlers for use with Windows XP. I have the Sidewinder Precision Pro (One of the best joysticks of all time!) and now I can't use it because the Evil Empire can't be bothered to make it's own products work together. Don't misunderstand me. WinXP comes with bundled Drivers for this controler. But the software that allowed you to program the buttons does NOT work with WindowsXP unless it is one of the newer controlers. What kind of SH** is that?! The stupid controller is less than 3 years old. And the Sidewinder 2's have only been out for about 2 years. I'm not going out to buy a new Sidewinder Precision 2, because frankly compaired to the first one the 2 is a POS! Does anybody know where I might be able to find hacked software that would allow me to run this controler under Windows XP? Or a utility that will allow me to program button profiles for any joystick? Cause I'm really not excited about haveing to run all of my games under Win98 or fight with the setups for each individual game so that MAYBE I can map the commands to my joystick buttons. Help....Anybody.
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  2. I think the software that comes with the sidewinder 2's (forcefeedback, precision etc..) will recognize and work with the older stuff.

    You could ask around on the net but here's a better idea:
    buy a new MS joystick, burn a copy of the disk and then return it. Somehow that will end up costing MS money. hehe.
  3. I "aquired" a copy of the Sidewinder 2 software. NO DICE! It tells you that you have to be running the old software and that the new software will integrate it. So I'm still out of luck. I'm really hateing Microsoft at the moment. And after all my positive feelings about XP to have MICROSOFT be the one to ruin it for me is really the iceing on the cake. I've tried running under every compatability mode and I get nothing. I can't run the setup and I can't run the programs directly. Does anybody have any ideas about how I could hack the software to make it work? Or find some generic button programming software? I've looked but the closest I can find is software to use my joystick as a mouse. Not exactly what I had in mind. Well, guess I've got to start saveing for a X45 now or something. But I've heard the button programing for that is really crapy so I guess I'm just screwed.
  4. Man, that is much suck.

    What you should really do at this point is bite the bullet and call microsoft. Get a ticket opened. They'll usually have you fixed in 2-3 days. Pleasant process? No, but they should get you working without having to fork over for a new joystick.

    If you do get one, grab one of the new force feedbacks :)
  5. I'm sorry, what do you mean by, "Get a ticket opened?"

    The sidewinder website says that Microsoft is not going to be updateing the button programming software to be compatable with XP, but the stick IS functional because XP has built in drivers for it. I expect if I call Microsoft I'll just get the party line about "We don't support the software for that under XP, BLA BLA BLA...How about you buy a shiney new one?" Since the stick works, the button programming wouldn't be a big deal EXCEPT that the old Sidewinder Precision Pro came with a shift button on the base that when depressed allowed you to activate a second function for every button on the stick. Makeing an 8 button joystick effectively a 16 button. That's why I bought the thing in the first place. But makeing the shift button work requires the button programming software. Which Microsoft, in it's infinate wisdom, desceided not to update for XP. So now my 16 button joystick is now a 9 button. Not exactly what I'd call a good trade. And the new Sidewinder2's are only 8 button. Plus I hate the throttle on the Sidewinder2's talk about difficult to use!

    I am definately not getting another Microsoft Stick. And as for force feedback. I don't like it. But thanks for the suggestion.

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