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I have a Dell Inspiron 5520 15R, using windows 8 and am having some major problems booting. Note that I am not all that intelligent as to how the computer runs, but rather, just know how to use it so please try to explain a bit more in depth. Basically, I turn my computer on and a few different things may occur: 1) Boots perfectly 2) Boots perfectly, however, webcam may not work... getting error that says another device is using my webcam even though nothing is open... i found if i turn my skype on/off a few times, it'll eventually work correctly. 3) I get the "loading windows" screen, however, after loading, it boots to a blank, black screen with a moveable and visible mouse. I CAN control/alt/delete while here. 4) i don't get to the "loading windows" screen at all. 95% of the time, i get problem number 3... and i sit for minutes upwards of a couple hours rebooting my computer till finally it boots correctly. The problem is very random and I don't know what to do and as long as i'm not missing anything, all drivers are up to date (i have check many times). Any ideas to what is causing this problem?
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  1. Hello... Can you load a previous restore point... and check results?
  2. I've tried before but it did absolutely nothing
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