6670 (1GB) or 6670 (2GB) to APU 5300 CrossFire?

The APU 5300 integrated graphics have a Core(7xx Mhz) and a speed of DDR3 Rams (like 1866Mhz).

When i buy a 6670 (1GB) which is DDR5 its deactivated the IGP?
To CrossFire I must buy card with DDR3 rams (like 6670 2GB DDR3)?
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  1. The memory type between your APU/motherboard and GPU (HD6670) are completely independent. Neither will affect the other (nor will they be "deactivated" by the other).
  2. Great, and what is the better, 1GB DDR5 or 2GB DDR3?
  3. For your purposes, the 1GB DDR5 video card will be better, especially since your APU likely uses 1GB of memory. The DDR5 card is faster as well.
  4. Today me answered the AMD too, his ticket:

    Then what is better for me, and 6450 to CF or only 6670?
  5. Do not CF with a 6450. That would be a waste of effort. In that case, you would be better off just using a HD6670 alone.
  6. I not have a lot of money :(

    6450 with DDR3:


    6450 with DDR5:

    I have in PC 4GB DDR3 with 1800Mhz (KingSton HyperX 8-8-8-24)

    DDR5 seems to too fast (3200Mhz) or is good to CrossFire?
  7. You will not see much of an improvement using a HD6450 Crossfired with your APU. If you want to do Crossfire, save some more money and get a HD6670.

    However, you would be even better off if you did not Crossfire at all and used a single, stand alone, video card like a HD7770. That would mean saving more money but performance would be better than a Crossfired APU+GPU solution.

    If you insist on getting a HD6450, get the one with the faster DDR5 memory. Remember, the APU memory (which uses your motherboard system memory) and your GPU memory are completely independent from one another.
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