HIS Radeon 6870 Very High temps.

This has actually been like this for like a year now but I never paid much attention until now. My HIS Radeon 6870 idles at 50c and when playing games it usually goes to 96c to 103c. I know that has too be bad thought it has never shutdown or caused any gameplay problems.

Two days ago I took off the heatsink and replaced the thermal compound, it also gets plenty of airflow but the temps are the same. Is there any reason that im not seeing that it could be getting that hot?
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  1. Are the fans on it spinning? Have you cleaned out all dust from your card and case fans? How are your case fans setup?
  2. That is very high. Do you have the card overclocked? Install more fans inside the case if possible. If there is a side fan mount, install fans there as intake
  3. My guess is it's not enough case airflow. You should at least have one rear exhaust and one front intake. Ideally, you want to add a top exhaust and side intake.
  4. Yeah I cleaned everything I usually do once a month, the fan on the card is spinning I have it set at 85% I have 4 fans in the side of the tower one right over the card's intake. The card isn't overclocked, I even tried underclocking it and it didn't make much of a difference.
  5. So 4 intake fans on the side panel only? Do you have any exhaust fans?
  6. Yeah top and back, ive even tried running with the side of the tower off.
  7. maybe the cooler isnt making proper contact with the chip, too low contact pressure or something. Would it be possible to use some non-conductive washers on the heatsink screws to make it tighter (maybe the screws are bottoming out without actually pushing down on the gpu)
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