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My computer keeps freezing and i have no idea why. usually within the first 10 minutes of logging on to windows my screen freezes, sound stops and i cant move my mouse. there is no blue screen or anything i just have to shut down. I thought it may have been an issue with my SSD but I have done a clean install of windows on that and it did not help. I've tried changing sata cables/plugging into a different sata port. After installing windows 7 on a brand new 500 GB hard drive and it has not solved my problem so at least i know theres no problem with my old SSD. It has also frozen before I even start windows and while I am in the bios.
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  1. If your PC is freezing before it has finished POST this points to a stability problem most likely stemming from DRAM, CPU or PSU. Please provide us with some information on these components
  2. Its all relatively new I just built it maybe a month ago.
    Ive tried running with each individual stick of ram and it still freezes.

    GPU - Radeon 6850
    CPU - AMD FX - 4100
    PSU - Corsair 600 Watt
    RAM - Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB DDR3 1600
  3. Sounds an awful lot like a heat problem. Can you post your temperatures, preferably from within Windows? If you can't get Windows stable long enough to find, install and run a program like CoreTemp or SpeedFan, the readings from your motherboard will suffice.
  4. Have you tried looking at the temps in bios after you boot it? It could be as simple as the heatsink on the processor isn't correctly installed. You could also have voltage problems, power supply problems, a loose solder joint.
  5. I think i was having a heat problem a while ago that was causing my monitor to just say no signal randomly but i realized i had my fan switch set to low. Ive put in 2 nzxt 120m enthusiast fans since then though and i keep it on high. I usually kept an eye on the thermal radar that came with mt asus motherboard and my CPU was usually around 40C and my GPU would go into the mid 60's when i was gaming.
  6. But what are your temps now. Readings from when your computer was fine aren't helpful.
  7. Im trying to look gimme a min
  8. According to my BIOS
    CPU - 41C
    MB Temp - 29C
    VCORE Voltage - 1.320V
    3.3V Voltage - 3.288V
    5V Voltage - 5.057V
    12V Voltage - 11.994V
    CPU Fan Speed - 2136RPM
  9. Those temps look normal. A tad high for idle in the BIOS, but nothing troubling.

    At this point you're kind of stuck with the tedious task of eliminating suspects one by one. If you don't have a lot of spare hardware, this can be tough.

    If at all possible, I'd try replacing the video card, PSU, CPU and memory (I know you were already thorough here, but it never hurts to check twice) with totally fresh parts. This can be tricky since most people don't have spare processors, video cards and/or boxes of DIMMs lying around.

    Once you swap a part out and don't crash anymore, you can call that part the culprit. If you don't have the hardware to try it...well, I'm sure somebody else has a more elegant solution.
  10. I got this problem and solved it.
    Im pretty sure this problem is hardware, not software.

    SOLUTION :::
    Plug your usb devices not on the same usb hub (mostly your mouse), plug it to a different usb section (not talking about usb port) if you don't get it, plug your usb devices to different rows. one by row.

    My mouse was plugged with all the other usb devices on the same hub (section), the bottom one. So I moved my mouse back to a the top usb hub, this one was not used by any devices. So I guess the usb hub (bottom one) was not giving enough for all these devices plugged on it, giving to my computer a freeze.
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