Why wont my graphics card work?

I have recently bought R6670 and I have an HP Slim Comp model #=s5603w, BT434AA-ABA, A1NAv6Pc. I have went into bios and change primary graphics card to PCI but the comp still has not reconized it. I need help Thamk you.
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  1. If you can try to download lastest BIOS. If that doesn't work check your motherboard slot for graphic card. Radeon 6670 is 2.1 card. Sometimes 2.1 cards doesn't work on older motherboards. You can try all ports HDMI, VGA, DVI,...
  2. His mobo is pcie 2.0 so that is not the issue. I suspect the issue is the psu, it is only 220w.
  3. ok thank you i check for bios update there is nt one.
  4. i have a 600w psu
  5. You are plugging your monitor into the card not the mobo right? Otherwise it sounds like your 6670 is doa.
  6. well I had a 550ti and that didnt work as well s i got this one thinking less power it would work.
  7. the comp is not reaadin the graphic card is in.
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