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I am having some issues trying to hook up a wireless access point. I have AT&T U-Verse and currently using their wireless modem as the default wireless. The issue I am having is my property is split up into two separate buildings, the main house and the guest apartment/home office over the garage. U-Verse is wired and setup in the guest apartment so that is where the modem/u-verse hardware is setup. Due to the distance and construction of the guest apartment the wireless signal will not reach the house. The previous owner setup the guest apartment to have cat5 cables in all the rooms and also ran cables underground from the guest apartment to the house, which has cat5 cables in two of the rooms. The room in which the U-Verse modem is setup is plugged into one of these cat5 cables and all the other cat5 within the property are active/can connect to the internet. I decided to use of my old wireless routers in the house as an access point and have had some success. About 80% of the time the access point will work in the house, but there times when it won't work (particularly at night). I will still have a wireless signal coming from the access point in the house but I can't get connect to the internet. I know I still have an internet connection as the tv still works(I have cable in 2 rooms running off the same cat5 connection) and my guest apartment still has internet access. I can't figure out what the issue is and feel like it might be something simple as the access point works most of the time.

I am going to include some screen shots of how the U-Verse and Linksys modem I am using as the access point are setup. Hopefully by looking at how I set these up someone will be able to see what I did wrong. Also note I do not have the linksys router plugged into one of the ports on the U-Verse modem as they are in different buildings so there is no way to plug it in directly.

Thanks for any help/input you can provide me.

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  1. Anyone? I know someone out there can figure this out.
  2. You need to enter the Gateway address ( on the linksys. It looks fine other than that. If ther is no Gateway address box on the Linksys you may have to swap the DHPC server function to the Linksys and turn it off on the other. Its in the network, it just isn't showing the connected users the out to the internet.
  3. Also add DNS server address on Linksys.
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