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First timer, getting a decent graphics card

Hi everybody I was looking at some options for graphics card and I'm leaning towards the 7870 but my question is will it work with my rig?

GA-X58A-UD3R - Rev. 2.0
1tb seagate hardrive
Intel i7 930
A 500 W Thermalike Psu

Anything else I need to tell you? If you have any better options for a graphics card please post! I'm a Canadian, if that helps with pricing, I looking at a 200 - 260 price range maybe 270.


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    7870 is the best card for the money right now IMO, will work with your motherboard :-) upgrade and enjoy!!
  2. just one question, what model is your psu, you need to make sure you have the right connectors for the card
  3. from what I can find, the only 500w thermaltake psu I see has 2 6 pin connectors which is what you need for the 7870. It's the TR2 TR-500 model. If that is you PSU then you r good to go, but check and see if you have 2 6 pin power connectors, if you do, then your fine :-)
  4. Thanks so much! I appreciate your input!
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