After installing nvidia driver gtx460 in windows8 black screen

after installing nvida driver for gtx460 in windows8 black screen
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  1. I got into windows safe mode after trying and trying shift and f8. deleted driver going to try again to install them
  2. hey have you tried formatting your windows 8 after you installed your card ???
  3. If you have black screen and you can see your mouse cursor do this (how i fixed it):
    when booting keep pressing F8 and it will ask you if you want to go into advanced options or restart (or shutdown PC), you go to advanced options and click system restore. Choose one of the dates (i'd recommend the earliest one) and wait for it to restore it. I lost my data (i don't know how) on C drive but i got it fixed.
  4. leviathan2 said:
    Never go into safemode unless you want to tweak your computer :)

    So you got a black screen of Shooooock. Or was it called death back in the day. White/Black/Blue. The blue ones actually made you do some work. That is re-installing the OS lol.

    Seriously??? You go into Safe Mode to correct problems with your PC, that's what it exists for. You go into Safe Mode to run diagnostic tools like MemTest or ChkDisk, or to run System Restore or things of that nature. I think you're getting Safe Mode confused with your motherboard's BIOS.
  5. reinstalling in safe mode ain't gonna fix it. It's because the VGA driver never really got installed properly during the installation. I suggest reinstalling windows 8.
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