Programs in Windows 7 won\'t start/load/run

I was on the internet using my laptop when it just quit and shut down. Now I have this problem with progams not loading. I cannot load most of my programs from either icons or start menu, I am only able to get on the internet with IE 64 bit loaded from the start menu.
I haven't downloaded or made any changes. I seldom use this computer for anything but email and internet access. Any ideas about what's going on with this?
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  1. That is usually as a result of malware/viruses.

    Sometimes, but rarely, Windows System Restore will fix that; You can try that.

    Do you have an antivirus software installed?
    You can use Malwarebytes Free and run it in Windows Safe Mode:
  2. Thanks, I should have mentioned that I tried System Restore and it didn't fix the problem. Also I can't open my anti virus or malwarebytes, nor can I install or uninstall programs. Thanks again...
  3. Did you try Safe Mode?
  4. Yes, but I'm not that knowledgeable about this stuff.
  5. Malwarebytes should be able to run in Safe Mode
  6. You should download Superantispyware free and give it a go. it should be able to do something.
  7. Can't load or download any programs even in safe mode.
  8. I ended up formatting and then loading malwarebytes and spybot. Both caught some malware and deleted it. But one of them, smitfruad-C.generic won't let these programs delete it.
  9. Quote:
    i'd go for a completely clean install, sounds like some malware/virus

    I agree with elliotgramham94;
  10. My laptop has developed the same problem but it's intermittent. Sometimes when I boot up I can load programs and sometimes I can't. I've just doubled the RAM in case 2GB wasn't enough to run Win 7 but the problem persists with 4Gb. Is it likely to be a virus that kicks in sometimes but not at others ?
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