New GPU, PC won't boot


Just installed a new GTX660 and now my pc won't turn on.

I have a cheap 550W PSU which doesn't have a 6pin power plug so I've tried the adapter to put 2 - 4 pins together to power it but still nothing.

I have a HD and a dvd drive running on the same cables so I assume it splitting the power between the 3 (DVD, HD and GPU).

If i unplug the GPU the PC boots sooo

Do I have a dead GPU or just a really bad PSU?

I have ordered a much better psu but still 550w (Branded Bronze 80%) which will be with me tomorrow and has a dedicated 6pin.

Also unplugged everything apart from the GPU and still nothing.

Thanks for any help until tomorrow.
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  1. The GTX 660 states

    Minimum of a 450 Watt power supply.
    (Minimum recommended power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 24 Amps.)
    Total Power Draw : 140 Watts

    and my PSU


    Meets Intel v2.03 enhanced +12V
    Over-voltage and current protection +3.3V;+5V;+12V
    +3.3V 20A; +5V 32A; +12V 32A; -12V 0.5A; +5VSB 2.0A

    So it should be able to power it but I assume its this correct?


    thanks :)
  2. You new psu should fix the problem. It is not a good idea to split power like that IMO.
  3. you need to plug in 2 connectors my seasonic says it has 1 12 volt rail that puts out 52 amps but you still need to connect 2 6 pin connectors. get a 750 from corsair there the best all the 650s all terrible no matter what brand. there considered low end and manufacterers dont spent much time making sure there quiet my seasoinc 650 gold makes a slight coil whine and it pulses when im under a load
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