AMD HD8000 Series ETA? Rumors?

First, I have never ever bought a high end card before. The most I've spent was at the $150 range.

Really wanting to buy a HD7950 but was wondering if I should resist and wait a few months.

The rumor is:

"So when will the new desktop retail HD 8000 parts launch? The second half of 2013."

But H2 could literally mean anytime between Juneish to early Decemberish?

Apparently the 8000 series are ALREADY out for Laptops and OEM Desktops, which leads me to think retail HD8000's will come pretty soon.

I would assume you could get two 7950's for the price of one 8950 when it comes out (fresh launch price)?
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  1. as the rumors goes the HD8k (not the OEM rebadge one) series are already done and ready to be release anytime but amd decides to hold back the launch at least until Q2 this year to flush the remaining 7k series.

    about the price i'm not sure about that. but amd might charge high price for the upcoming 8k series for a few months to make the 7k series more attrative option espcially for those that cares a lot about bang for buck
  2. I have heard both Q1 and Q2. I am also waiting for the HD8000s to come out to get a 7950. I am hoping they drop the price soon after the release of the 8000s. If not oh well. I would rather wait and attempt it then drop $320 and have them drop in a few months.
  3. It would be very surprising if we have to wait until the second half of the year. More likely it's going to launch within the next 2-3 months. Heck some people were saying it would launch in January.
  4. Unreliable source but:

    Also seeing their struggling stocks, I hope they have some special stuff for us this time.
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