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Dragon Age II 30 fps average

My GTX 660 is only getting 25 - 30 Fps on Dragon Age II. I'm getting about 40 fps on Assassin's Creed 3 Maxed out though.

I'm pretty sure AC 3 has better graphics than Dragon Age. Anybody has an Idea why?
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  1. You need to specify more on your system. What resolution, what CPU, how much RAM, what about your PSU?

    Dragon age 2 is pretty solid graphics, and is no slouch. I recall I used to lower settings with a 680, when playing that game, but I also was after 70+ FPS, but with it on the highest settings, and 4x AA, I would get FPS down into the 40's at 1080p, if I recall. If you have AA cranked up to high, turn it to 4x, and you may need to lower settings.
  2. Thanks. I'll try that. Yes, I am playing at 1080p have the i5 3.0 Ghz and 8 GB RAM. I have the Antec 550w PSU. I was just a bit confused why I have better FPS on AC 3. But since you have to lower your settings on the 680, I may have to adjust my AA to 4x and see.
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    The reality is, and this will save you a lot of frustration in the future, anything beyond 4x MSAA should never be used, unless the game is just really super duper easy to max out.

    Many games simply take those options out, but since MSAA is a hardware thing, it doesn't require them to work any harder to allow for higher in most cases, so they let you go higher.

    You'll be hard pressed to see any improvement beyond 4x MSAA anyways. You may even want to drop it lower or off for higher FPS.
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