XP-CD burning software rant...

It’s problems like this that will drive you to pirate software!! I upgraded to XP not long ago and I just got around to installing my old CD burning software (Easy CD Creator 4 – it’s a little old, but it does the job, or at least it did).

XP came up with one of those little annoying pop up windows saying I might have compatibility problems. “Yeah, whatever” as clicked “IGNORE”

Everything was working fine until I tried to load a new game – I couldn’t. My system would hang whenever Autoload was executed. So I looked for an update – which that stupid pop up window provided a link to – their solution: BUY EASY CD CREATOR 5 AND GET A FREE UPGRADE!!!

What the heck!! I wasn’t about to throw down more money for something I already had. So I uninstalled the burning software, only to find out two of my optical drive drivers were corrupted. Delete the drivers, and XP doesn’t recognize the optical drives.

This sucks.

So I tried to reinstall XP (a half baked idea I know). XP hangs up during – you guessed it – the hardware installation routine. So now I have to format my C drive to get rid of my problems.

And I’m still out a good CD burning program that ran me 80 bones the first time. Why spend that much money on software only to have it be obsolete a year or so later – and not even run correctly!? I just feel ripped off doing the right thing. Arg!
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  1. Easy CD Creator sucks, I've had lots of problems with it. Get Nero, if you're looking for other software. If you want to upgrade your burner at the same time, there's a 16/10/32 LiteOn for $65 that comes with Nero 5.5.

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  2. and that bundled version of Nero also allows FREE upgrades to the latest version...including Windows XP support .. ( the 5.5 also will work with xp right out of the box).. Roxio has alienated almost anyone that has even the slightest clue Re: burner software

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  3. Good call! Nero (download) only costs $39, so you're actually paying $26 for the CD writer. If you wanna get a faster one, like a 32x, it's selling at Newegg for $95.

    Man, when I saw this thread, I thought it would be about the included XP CD writing interface. :lol:

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  4. WTF!! and why would you pay for NERO!! when you can just get it for FREE..

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  5. Because the only way you can get Nero for free is if you download it from somewhere illegally. (And these forums don't promote that.)

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  6. Well I bought a Samsung cd-rw hope it works with XP?
    I know my external HP 8200 did not !I got a microsft message saying, buy Roixo 5.0 too $79 :-O yey right and those pop messages up about protecting my system from old software I got those too, Does any one know how to get rid of them? Does anyone know how to reformat XP , cause I'll do it just to get rid of those pop ups swear on my old Radio shack 1985 computers grave.Just a little humor , but that really bugs me.
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