HIS IceQ Radeon 7870 Ghz Low FPS Problem

I recently purchased a HIS IceQ Radeon 7870 Ghz Ed (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161404) and when I play Crysis 2 at ultra settings with vsync turned on I'm getting around 22fps, with it turned off I get around 37fps. This seems pretty low when comparing to these benchmarks http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/his_radeon_7870_iceq_turbo_review,19.html
Any ideas?
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  1. Are you running the game in dx9 or dx11? The 7k series will run dx11 better and thats what they were using when they tested it.
  2. Yes I'm using dx11
  3. Ok then, what drivers are you running? What res are you playing at? What CPU? Temps of GPU and CPU?
  4. Those are pretty low. What cpu are you using. How much ram. How hot is your card getting?
  5. Your complete system specs may help to isolate the problem. It could be a bottleneck somewhere or maybe the drivers. I have the GTX 660 and I get around 50 fps. I think you should be getting more fps
  6. There is also the fact that those benchmarks are quiet old. So you should be getting even higher than that. IDK what bottleneck would be that significant though.
  7. A CPU bottleneck would do it.
  8. I guess I should have said I don' t know what cpu he could be using for a >50% bottleneck.
  9. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/yRFJ

    that's my specs, it's def. not CPU bottleneck. I have the latest drivers and application profile and I'm running it at 1920x1080 and the card temp is around 60C
  10. Have you looked at the percentage usage? Also, is there a lot of fluctuation in your clocks? Is there any instability issues.
  11. Just looked at percentage use, it's staying around 60%. I had instability issues with catalyst control center but then I updated everything and haven't had issues. No fluxuation in the GPU or MEM clocks.
  12. it might be that percentage thing. Have you tried multiple games?
  13. Borderlands 2 on High/Ultra High is around 60% with 43-50 fps...

    Edit: After playing Borderlands 2 for 10 minutes the average fps when there was any kind of battle going on was 30. What's wrong?!?!?
  14. What's your CPU temp at, perhaps the clocks are throttling, espicaly if you just recently switched to that water cooler. I've never done water cooling myself but I've seen people on here that set it up wrong their first time and it'll run very hot so I'm guessing theres a bit more to installing it than with air cooling.
  15. The CPU temps are low, staying below 50C. I've got it setup correctly even using a push/pull with Gentle Typhoons. It seems to be fluctuating how much GPU percentage it's using. I played Borderlands 2 for about an hour and half last night, and after a while the GPU dropped to around 20-30% and the FPS dropped to 20. I dunno what else to do...
  16. do you have another pcie slot on your motherboard? I would try it in the other one if you do. Try it in another system as well, to see if it is the card or the something else in the system.
  17. I only have one pcie slot cuz it's microitx and I don't have another system to try it out in.
  18. when I say another system, I mean including your friends. See if your friends if you will let you try it in their system. Also, what is windows experience rating it at?
  19. I don't believe I have any friends in the area that have a windows desktop.
    My windows experience rating is 7.7
    Processor: 7.7
    RAM: 7.7
    Graphics: 7.9
    Gaming Graphics: 7.9
    Primary Hard disk: 7.9
  20. Have you done the stability tests you have been asked to do? I can't really think of any other suggestions.Your best option is testing it in another system though. Think of everyone. If the problem follows the card, well that is obviously the problem.
  21. heres my 3dmark score
    Is that the stability test you're talking about?
  22. I was playing BL2 last night, and after about 30 minutes the fps was getting as low as 10-12. What's the problem?? It still hasn't been 30 days so I can send it back to newegg, but I'd rather just try to fix the problem.
  23. Do cpu and ram stability tests. Those scores seem ok. But maybe a little low. I can't find your exact version of 3dmark though.
  24. How do I do CPU and RAM stability tests?
  25. memtest, intel burn test, and prime95.
  26. I've run prime95 many times and never had any problems.
  27. Just ran intel burn test at High and it went fine and gave me the "Success" window saying my system is stable.
  28. Well, then the only thing I can think of is the card. Is there any chance that you have nvdia drivers on your computer.
  29. I have the latest AMD Catalyst Control Center that was released 6 days ago.
  30. Do you have nvidia drivers on your pc? Did you run a nvidia card before you had the 7870.
  31. I was just using the HD 4000 graphics.
  32. ok. Try using intel 4000 again. If it works fine, then the problem is definitely the card.
  33. Intel 4000 won't be able to run BL2 or Crysis 2 with those settings.
  34. Yes I know that. If the scores for that are low too, then the problem isn't the gpu.
  35. What scores?
  36. My 3dmark score is fine, and so is my windows experience score. Every test I run is fine, but when it comes down to playing the games is where I have problems.
  37. Well, then there is obviously a problem with the card. You might be able to get a new card really fast since you can still return it.
  38. Dang, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go through that, but it's definitely under the 30 day mark with newegg.
  39. you could call customer support and see if they have any options.
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