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Hey guys, im looking for the perfect performance to price ratio gpu. I will be playing high end games at 1080p (60hz) and i am yet to find the perfect graphics card. I am thinking of either a Palit GeForce GTX 670 Jetstream 2GB, a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB OC or a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 Overclocked 2GB. They have to be on

I am looking to play bf3 at solid 60fps and new games such as borderlands 2 crysis 3, arma III maybe, dayz, dayz standalone, new nfs games, black ops 2, etc at max settings. (Probably 60+ fps on all games except crysis and maybe arma, but definitely 60+ fps for crysis 2, bf3, bo2, bl2 and nfs)

What are your recommendations? Will the 660s 192 bit bus matter? Is it worth the extra $ to jump from the 660 to the 670? (IM STICKING WITH NVIDIA)

also, what card has the best cooling? Is it worth the extra $20 to jump from the Palit to the Gigabyte? Also the case is a coolermaster elite 430, the cpu is an i7 3770k, the psu is a tx850 and the motherboard is an asrock z77 extreme4
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  1. does anyone have reccomendations?
  2. I would say you would be better off with the best card that you can afford. I would also advise for a different 670 then the palit 670. The gigabyte is a pretty decent 670 card I have the one you are referring to the ASUS 670 DCUII cad is pretty good as well as the power edition from MSI.

    The 660Ti is a strong card however I would suspect for the future generation of games and handling games at the frames you are you are better off getting the 670 as it will be able to handle things more to your liking.

    I'd also take a look at pcpartpicker to get a feeling for pricing. The gigabyte card seems to be one of the cheaper cards the overclocked version which is a steal because it performs on par with the others.,14,18,27&c=101&sort=a5
  3. ok thanks, but whats wrong with the palit one?
  4. also, whats the difference between and

    is it worth the extra $20? the 3 fan one would have better cooling am i right? It also has a higher clock, but is that worth the extra $20? What are the differences in cooling and max overclock? Sorry for so many questions its just i need to find the right card
  5. Well the issue I have with the Palit one is what tomshardware had to say about it.

    Like the GeForce GTX 680 that came before it based on the same JetStream design, this card is a noisemaker. Unfortunately, it doesn't translate that noise and the advantage of a big three-slot cooler into exceptional thermal performance. As with the Gainward submission, we recommend tuning this board's fans manually.,3217-14.html
  6. The difference is that the components are stronger on the overclocked version. The 670 overclocked edition is essentially on a 680 PCB, and yes the 3 fan design keeps the card cooler I would say.

  7. ok thanks! gigabyte 670 triple fan it is!
  8. Yea seems to be at a good price where you are in comparison to the other cards. You should be happy with it. Any complaints let me know I have the same card I wouldn't mind hearing negative feedback as well.
  9. what kinda performance you getting with this card?
  10. im using i-chill 670, maxed out at bf3 (i play this almost everyday)

    best cooling of all the cards that i have used. 49-50 degrees. maxes out at 55 when it is hot in the room. nice looking cooler, tho i dont like the blue pcb lol

    i don't usually buy this brand, but i gave it a shot, so far so good
  11. I've seen this brand before however they don't seem to be very common.
  12. My friend has the palit gtx 670. he loves it. its a decent card
  13. I'm not disputing it being a good card but against the competition if what they say and what I hear is correct from the video I wouldn't touch it for the price its going for.
  14. palit 670 is a bit loud, some say
  15. video proof up there ^

    Compare it to the other cards in that review.

  16. bigshootr8 said:
    I'm not disputing it being a good card but against the competition if what they say and what I hear is correct from the video I wouldn't touch it for the price its going for.

    Oh no im not saying its great or anything im just saying my mate experience with the card. i personally wouldnt get the card either. he loves it. but its pretty loud. too loud for my liking. but hes more of a perfomance dont care noise guy haha.

    Yea a gigabyte would be a much better choice
  17. I would want something like a fractal define refine r4 to deal with a card that loud to dampen the noise.
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