I have a dell latitude d630 with windows 7 premium home and it reboots after i s

i checked and it is in shut down mode not restart
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  1. please put the question in the body of the text, not the title. I work with D630's all day long (I use one for work as well), so I can probably help you out if I know what the problem is.
  2. when i shut down normaly it turns off for a few seconds and then reboots, i checked and im not in restart mode do you know why it would do this?
  3. sounds like your BIOS is corrupt, and it should be an easy fix.
    When it it first turning on with the Dell logo press F2 to get into BIOS (Blue screen with white and gray text).

    Go down to "Maintenance", enter, down to "Load Defaults", enter, right to select "Continue", enter.
    Then go up to "Power Management" and check "USB Wake Support" and "Wake on Lan/WLAN" and make sure both are set to 'off'
    Lastly go up to "System" and "Date/Time" and make sure that the date and time are correct.

    Press "Esc" and then select "Save/Exit" and see if that fixed your problem.
  4. If that does not do the trick then let me know because I have a few other ideas of things that can cause this.
  5. i tried what you recomendedd twice aand it didnt work
    thank you for your help... i welcome any ideas you have
  6. what OS do you have? XP or Vista came with it originally, but you may have loaded Win7 on it.

    Run Malwarebytes to see if you have an infection: http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html
    Run CCleaner's registry fixer as it could be a bad registry setting: http://download.cnet.com/CCleaner/3000-18512_4-10315544.html?tag=mncol;1
    If you do not already have an antivirus installed then I highly suggest installing Security Essentials: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials

    After doing all that and letting me know what OS you are running I may have some other ideas.
  7. I also got BSOD errors many times. Then I realized that it occurs mostly when I surf the net. So, I reinstalled network adapter drivers and then I visited dell website to see if I can update any other driver. I updated BIOS drivers to v17 and then the problem is resolved.

    Avirat Patel
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