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GTX 660 brand differences?

Hello all. I am ready upgrade my Evga GTX 550TI and I have pretty much settled on 660 Non-TI. Now my question is.. Is there really any difference in brand? Say Evga FTW Sig2 vs Asus DCII OC... if I get either of those is it really going to be a difference. I will be getting a new case with good air flow so I was looking at the dual fan design for better cooling performance. So also is it really much advantage over other cooling models as well?

I am running this with

Phenom II 965BE (non OC yet)
Asus M5A87 mobo
Antex BP 550w PSU

I want to run 1080P for at least a year and highish setting on most to all games. I am currently playing Crysis series, Aion, SCII,, ETC... Budget is trying to stay around 220ish... Thanks for any replys and information.
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  1. Hi. There isn't really any differences between the card themselves except for the clock speed, cooling design and overclocking potential. The differences between the brands are customer support and warranty. If you have a case with good airflow, then you can get the dual fan design for better cooling performance and overclocking potential.
  2. Okay thanks so of the two I listed which do you think is better Asus or Evga?
  3. Either one would work well although I think that EVGA card is a little over $220 right now. I suggest reading reviews to help make your decision and you should consider the MSI N660 TF cards too.
  4. try gigabyte prices also
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    I would say in your case if you are comparing the two look at it from the standpoint of getting the plain box versus the box that looks pretty. The EVGA card is the plain box that works it doesn't offer amazing cooling but does a well enough job. Also, you get amazing customer/technical support with EVGA. However, cards from ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE they will be more centered around providing you with things like added cooling, noise, and factory overclocks things you more often then not will not get from EVGA with the exception of a factory overclock.
  6. When it comes to GPUs I'm an AMD guy but on the Nvidia side, EVGA seems to be the brand everyone loves. It also appears EVGA cards overclock the best, but that's just me speculating. ASUS is always good quality but more expensive
  7. EVGA cards don't overclock the best they are subject to the silicon lottery like every other card. People like evga because there support is good there warrantys are good and they have a step up program that lets you exchange your old card for a new one with you sending your card in plus the difference.
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