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So i bought a 550ti, and the thing ran hot at idle. Like in the 50s, sometimes in the 60s. Bought the zalman z11 case, put all my parts into it. Runs idle at about 45 when my rooms freezing, to 50 when its normal/ a tad warm. Gaming it runs at about 70-75. I have the fans set to hit 100 percent when it reaches 70. I dont like it running this hot at all. Is it normal? The case flow is excellent cant get it any better and the rear exhaust fan when im gaming kicks out some serious warm air so i know its doing its job. Anyone else have the 550ti and a good case that can help me figure out whats up? Before swapping cases the thing got up to about 97 in crysis 2. Which is like 3 degrees away from its tj max. so i shut the PC off and fan cooled it with the side off to prevent damage. Ever since swapping cases i havent gone over 75 but i still feel thats just to hot. and the idle is ridiculously high. My cpu is 45 to 55 under max load, and thats what my gpu is idling at? Seems wrong to me. Any tips/ advice would be great, i hate having to have my window open all the time mid winter just to avoid hitting the 70 mark.
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  1. What cpu do you have? Some cpu's have lower temps. 75C is fine for a gpu though. It might be a little annoying having that fan at 100% though.
  2. Just upgraded 3 days ago to an AMD A8 3870 K 3.0GHZ Quad Core Black Edition , from the crappy default 2.4 ghz dual core e2 3200- Loving this CPU, ive never had gaming performance like this in my life, 1920 by 1080 medium to high settings 60 fps constant. anywho if i dont have the gpu fan at 100 i know it would creep into the high 80s. I dunno just seems to be idling way to high for what it is. 45 to 50 as an idle for a gpu is normal?
  3. 45 for idle is pretty high. As long as it works fine, I don't think I would do anything.
  4. Any geforce card with same or better performance that idles lower? Im thinking of the 650ti from Asus. Dunno though, this thing has a 100mm fan on it, and it runs hot, so.
  5. I don't know idle temps all that well. But my 7950 idles at lower than that.,2892-16.html
    Those are the temps that they tomshardware reported. Before you freak out, those are the temps above ambient.
  6. This site says the asus 1gb 650 idles at 26 and goes up to 53 under load. if thats true i want this thing so bad that load temp is just a tad higher then my current idle temp. SO MUCH WANT. plus its clocked 158 higher in its core, and almost doubles what my mem clock is at. If i buy it and it actually gets near those temps. I will be one happy camper.
  7. 26C would basically need refrigeration. That is 1 degree above room temp. You would need liquid cooling for that.
    Don't get that card, it is barely stronger than a 550ti,3107-7.html
    The only upgrade worthwhile would be a 7850 or stronger.
  8. Lol i wouldnt be getting it to get better performance, just for a cooler running card. And newpy. Nvidia or i dont buy it. Used to be Radeon, but never going back. Id go after a 690 if i could afford it. but a 650 1gb would do the trick for what i need, the 550ti does the job just fine to but like i said runs a bit hot for my tastes.
  9. Who cares if it is running hot as long as it works? I feel like you will be very disappointed. Why not like amd? It offers better performance for a lower price at this point. But, if you hate amd so much, then I wouldn't recommend lower than a 660 for you.
  10. I love AMD. just not when it comes to GPU's. My AMD A8 3870k. Whew. wouldnt trade this thing for the world, went from 30 fps to 60 solid in far cry 3 with it. Great APU. It's just in the world of GPU's i prefer Nvidia cards as in my experience they have given me better performance, and value for my money. I dont have a lot of cash to throw away so i just stick to what i know, and i know Geforce GTX cards= quality without breaking the bank. So i prefer them. Not to mention the 690 currently ranks unchallenged. But then again at 1000 dollars why would it have any competition lol.
  11. it could be the (card cooler) is defective ones (loose fans, air not pushed out, etc )..

    but cannot said for sure since not familiar with 550ti...
  12. Maybe reseat the cooler and look for some shoddy tim appliance
  13. My 550ti ran about mid 50's to 60c idle because of my dual monitor setup. When I went to one monitor, the idle dropped down to 40c.
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