SLI Physx settings question.

I just recently bought my second Nvidia GTX 670 4gig GPU. When i go to the Nvidia control panel and the "Configure SLI, Surround, Physx tab...what settings should i choose for best power and performance? currently under SLI config. I have it set to Maximize 3d performance and Physx settings I have it set to my second card with "Dedicate Physx" box unchecked
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  1. That sounds like the default setting... Auto Select (Recommended) which is always good. There's no real reason to dedicate a card to physx. Physx doesn't take that big a toll on a card and not all games make use of physx.

    More important is the Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings in the Global Settings tab. These are the recommended settings according to Koroush Ghazi who used to write game guides for
  2. Do not dedicate a GPU to PhysX. That will negate the benefits of SLI. Keep PhysX on Auto-select.
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