Really good computer random FPS drops

Hi guys, it's been a while I was enduring my random FPS drops especially on StarCraft II with my high end computer but now, it's just too much and I'm really annoyed by that because I have nooooooooo explanations at all for that. I'll explain myself...

Most of the time, my games runs perfectly fine, 100 %. But some times, randomly, for no reasons at all, my game goes from 230 FPS to 30-40 ( wich is just totally unplayable ) and it's only when I just entered in a game, not during the game itself ( wich is really weird)

computer specs :

i7 960 3.2 GHz (liquid cooled by H80)
GTX 580 msi twin forz II
12 GB ram corsair vengeance
650 W PSU corsair
antec 900

I have no problems at all for the temperatures, viruses ( Iv'e reformatted my computer at least 12-15 times from mid october to now ), drivers are perfectly fine, never overclocked whatever on my computer. The only thing I did to my hardware is that Iv'e tryed to OC my CPU, but I just played in the BIOS settings and din't do much because I wasn't sure how to OC so Iv'e just stopped trying to do that.

The only thing I would think that may cause the FPS drops is that ( my try to OC the CPU ) because I remember changing some settings, like 1 or 2 that may put the CPU in safe mode or whatever...

Otherwise, I have no idea what to do and I'm just asking you guys for ideas ... :/

Thanks ! :)
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  1. How many monitors are you playing on? And, at what resolution.
  2. I'm playing on 1 monitor and in 1920x1080.
  3. Server-side lag or lag on your network connection?
  4. Should I call my provider if I get a lot of ping some times ?
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