I7 950 Bottleneck 660ti 2GB ? ? ?

Just wondering if my 660ti will be bottlenecked by my i7 950 I'm building....I also have a GTX570 but figure the 660 is about the same in performance only less power use.

What ever card doesnt go with the i7 is going to get paired with a 6100 bulldozer :/ :/ :/ So would rather the better gpu be with the better CPU...being the 950?
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  1. the 950 is a great cpu. i have one in my other rig with a gtx 590. i overclocked it to 3.8ghz and it flys. Dont ugprade your cpu its a good cpu

    It wont bottleneck just overclock your i7 to about 3.5 or more and you r fine
  2. pff no LOL ! Also you figured wrong as the GTX 660 is faster than the GTX 570 in every game and the GTX 660ti is faster than the GTX 580 in every game. That 660ti will blow the GTX 570 away.
  3. No bottleneck on the i7. The 660ti is better than the 570. The bulldozer build might experience some bottleneck, but not much.
  4. hilarious... what is a 660 anyway? a broken 670(itself a bad yeild that wasn't good enough to be 680).

    i7-950 (spring 2009) - humm... nice CPU!
  5. Ok thanks guys....thought so! Selling both rigs to a friend for gaming. $1200 for both

    i7 950 w/ V8 cooler
    6GB Tri Cahn. DDR3 1600
    EVGA SLI board
    120gb SSD
    400GB sata
    750watt psu

    AMD 6100 x6 Core
    8GB DDR3
    Biostar board..like the $100 decent one
    EVGA GTX570
    80GB 10k Raptor (Newer Model)
    500GB sata
    750watt psu

    both have nice CM cases...$1200 sound fare? its actually almost what I paid for the parts
  6. Know whats weird is I just now got an email from toms saying I had replies...LOL
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