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My computer was working fine up until Jan 26 and on Jan 27 when Iwent to turn it on it randomly crashed. Ever since then when I would try to play a game my PC crashed. I got it work for a while by cranking up the GFX card fan in MSI after burner. Now whenever I turn my PC the fan speed increases tremendously (to the max I believe) and then I lose connection to the monitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PC Specs :
Evga GTX 570 2.5gb
Asus P67 Motherboard
Corsair Ram (forget which version) dual channel, 2133mhz,8gb
Corsair 850tx PSU
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  1. Hi

    Ummm... well one of your problems could be that your cpu privite cooling might not be good enough or maybe your graphics card canot handle the games you try to play or it could simply be that the cable to your moniter might not be propily pluged in.

    Find out how manny watts your psu can supply then find out how manny watts the gpu and the cpu require combine them then just add 100-150 more watts foranything else and if you still have more watts to use then tahts not the problem but if you've run out of watts then you have your problem

    And are your airways clear? i mean does you computer have clear ways for air to escape that can seiriesly heat up you rig and cause it to crash!

    hop it helps!!! :sol:
  2. reinstall the drivers and afterburner and see what you get
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