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GTX650Ti vs GTX560

My name it's probably an easy choice but I'm not really sure which is better. Their are both the same price so I'm not sure which one to get. Please help thanks :)!!!

GTX 560 2gb:

GTX 650 TI PE 1gb:
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  1. Are you someone who would prefer a nvidia card. I only say this because the 660 competition the 7850 is around the same price range as that 650Ti.,81&sort=a5
  2. No actually I'm open to both Nvidia and Radeon (though I have only had a Radeon) but the reason I have chose the Nvidia is because I heard it has better performance or atleast it use to. But I'm open to suggestions of other cards I really didn't want to spend to much on a card though.
  3. I would say that cards at different price points will have varied performance differences. I personally would try and get a 7850 if you are really tied down on a budget otherwise the 2 gigabyte 7850 or the 660 will do.
  4. The 650 ti is a good option, but for 140$ or less with the free game, like this one :
  5. That is a pretty good deal with that card for sure. 40-60 dollar game which is a lot of fun and a decent card. I'm not sure what you would expect from a 650Ti though medium and high settings would you say dj?
  6. Depends on the resolution, at 1080p medium settings at the best, some at lowish, like far cry 3.
  7. For games that aren't skyrim, bf3, and far cry 3 would you say medium/high?
  8. It could be it gets ~50 fps on borderlands 2 with physX low :

    BF3 with ~30 fps ultra :

    It's not a bad card, though, the 7850 is better or the 660 gtx, and recommended if possible.
  9. I'll be playing at 1920x1080 so I don't know what that will do but I would be playing games like Dota 2, LoL, Chivarly, Borderlands 1 hah hmm and L4D2 Metro 2033 (Which I know is a very gpu hungry game) Orcs must die 2, planet side 2, TF2, The war z, Other games like that (I'm saying all the games I own in which I cannot play because my GPU right now is a Radeon 3000... yes I said that right hah) so I realize a lot of those games are very good in detail while some are not but I would love to be able to play the biggest part of them on max or at the lowest medium with at least 30+ fps
  10. Well I didn't want to spend anything over 150 but I could push it I guess to 170 tops maybe
  11. For Dota 2, LoL, Chivarly, Borderlands 1, L4D2, Orcs must die 2, TF2, The war z , it can maxout those games at 1080p without problems, the 650 ti, now for metro 2033 and ps2, i can't be sure, but ps2 is more cpu dependent, for metro 2033 will run but not at high settings, but it will run fine.
    But if you can spend about 170$, there's the 7850, which will be better :
  12. I would go at it like this 650>650ti>GTX660/7850 (they toss swings)
  13. What card are you referring to?
  14. Well with a 170 budget Which would you recommend??
  15. Under that there's the 7850 1GB from amd :

    Which is better than the 650 ti or 560 gtx.
  16. Well the 7850 should play the games I listed pretty well right??
  17. It will play better on the demanding ones, it will give more frame rate and a better experience.
  18. Agreed. I mean you do run into the ram issue with some of the games but you can scale back on things like resolution and AA/AF and you can get away with it.
  19. If he had more to spare, yes a 7850 2GB will be better, or the 660 gtx, sometimes saving for it pays off.
  20. Yeah I guess I see where you both are coming from well would a 7850 2gb be better or a 660? Is it really worth the extra like almost $50 for the GTX 660 compared to the HIS 7850 you showed me?
  21. It really depends. I would say at the moment the 7850 seems to be the more approachable value for the cost. I'm not sure I would pay 40-50 dollars extra for the GTX660 if budget is something kept in mind here.,81&r=2048&sort=a5
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    It might be if you can afford it, the 7850 1GB is a good card for your budget, in my opinion to step up for a 7850 2GB which costs around ~190$, it's worth to spend a bit more for the 660 gtx, it's better card, performance wise.
    This one is cheap and really good :
  23. Agreed its very hard to get a 660 at the 200 dollar range without a MIR
  24. Well before we go suggesting 170+ cards or really any would any of these cards were comparing be restricted by my processor?? It's a AMD Phenom II 965 BE or here's a link
  25. It doesn't bottleneck the card in question.
  26. Agreed you are just fine with that CPU and those GPU's
  27. So I guess it's decided? I'm saving a little more to get the 660? Should I be worried of it changing prices or anything within lets say 2 to 4 weeks?
  28. They could drop to a more affordable price point by then. So my advice to you is to watch pcpartpicker I'll give you a link you can refresh and it the pricing as it changes will reflect.,81&sort=a5&r=2048
  29. It could vary the price, for higher or lower, it could be also the same, check newegg prices then, or open a thread here by then.
  30. Yeah hopefully it get's cheaper hah because on top of this $200 purchase I still have to fork out 30 for the power supply I need to get for it so I have some saving to do but hopefully it will all be worth it by then. Thanks guys for the help
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  32. My suggestion, don't cheap out on the psu, unless it's a good one, but the decent ones, are around 45$.
  33. Well I was going to get this one is it good enough or should I try to spend more money xD??
  34. spitball91 said:
    Well I was going to get this one is it good enough or should I try to spend more money xD??

    No do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars. You should get a better quality unit newegg actually has a list of tiered power supply lines you may take a look at.
  35. It's just a good idea in general to make sure you have a quality power supply. Skimping out on a power supply can take your computer up in one push of a button.
  36. Funny thing is that Logisys psus said it supports sli, i don't want to hand over two cards on that psu.
  37. Hah yeah I don't think I would have ever even thought of doing that if I had that kinda money to SLI these cards I would have a much better PSU but I think I'm gonna get the corsair you both recommended! Again thanks guys I have had trouble of no one wanting to help with answering or they only answer once with a question and when I answer it they never say anything again hah.
  38. I wouldn't trust it to toast bread :P
  39. Well Dj is a pretty frequent poster on the forums and I'm on a lot as well I'm sorry that has been the case for you and I'm glad you were taken care of.
  40. Hahah I was just looking for something cheap and with a lot of watts
  41. Thanks Big I wish I could have choose you both for best answer but I cant :/ but I am just as thankful to you as Dj ^^
  42. dude its totally cool. To me its you having what you needed solved solved and what you needed helped helped. This is a hobby of mine to go on here and to help people its cool.
  43. Well again thanks for everything ^^ what's your specs?
  44. I would say I don't have the best computer but I would say I have a decent computer.

    Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.2 ghz
    Asrock Z68 EXTREME4 Gen 3
    Gigabyte Geforce GTX670oc Windforce3
    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 8GB (2x4)
    Samsung 830 256 GB SSD
    OCZ Vertex 2 90GB SSD (scratch drive)
    Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA III
    LG 12x Super Multi Blue WH12LS38
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Sound Card
    CM Storm Sniper
    Corsair AX850 PSU
    Corsair Hydro H100
  45. That is quite the beast you have there xD it blows mine out of the water that's for sure I like the fan colors and the water cooling I hope to get one for my pc some day but right now that's a no go hah but that's a bit much of a power supply isn't it?? I'm not sure as I don't know to much about water cooling stuff or the pumps and how much power they take hah. What's your temps? (Idle and full load?)
  46. At the time I purchased the power supply I was running a Sli configuration with two 560ti's I wanted a good gold plus certified power supply. And at the time I got it on sale for 150 I think it was around this time last year. CPU idles at 27 C and Max I'm running prime 95 to see what my temps sit at and I'm just under 60 at 56 C

    here is my graphic card maximum temps this is me running heaven benchmark which the max temps there were 63 C and I'm idling at 31 C.
  47. Ohh yeah makes sense haha it's a nice one though
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