GTX 670 - How much VRAM for 3 screens (but gaming ONLY on 1 screen)

Hi guys,
Do I need to splurge for a 4GB GTX 670 when I will solely be gaming on 1 screen? At 1920x1080?

This is my set up:

Screen 1 (1920x1080): Samsung 27" - Primary screen. Gaming. Photo Edits.
Screen 2 (1920x1080): Samsung 24" - Secondary Screen - Sitting next to primary screen. Browser. Widgets
Screen 3 (1920x1080): Sony 46" LED TV Mounted on wall - TV shows. Movies.

That's my setup.

I was planning on getting the Gigabyte GTX 670 Windforce 2GB Overclocked card for $369 after rebates. The 4GB version is $60 more and takes up 3 PCI slots.

I want to SLI in the near future so 3 PCI slot coverage by the GFX card is a big no-no.

My other PCI slots will host:
Sound Blaster Z
Gigabyte GC-WB300D Wifi/Bluetooth PCI card

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  1. I would look at the 7970 or 7950. just compare their performance. I think it is worth it to spend $70 less for barely any loss in performance. You can very easily overclock the 7950 past a 670 anyways. I mean an overclocked 670.
  2. Dan thanks for the reply but in the past I've always had some issues with ATi cards in some form. So i tend to stay away from them now. I saw the benchmark comparison at Anandtech for those two cards...and it seems like there's a give and take with them. The 670 pulls ahead in some games and trails in some...however will 2GB be enough though? Thanks!
  3. Yes 2gb will be enough for any game. I can't imagine you needing more. When did you last own an amd card? 7000 series has ran very well.
  4. The last two ATi's that I owned were the Radeon 9800 Pro, and the 1900XT All In Wonder.

    Then I switched to EVGA GTX 480. Never had any issues with it so decided to stick with Nvidia....

    So 2Gb is enough to run a blu-ray movie on one screen while you're photo editing on another? And have a browser open in the 3rd?

  5. I'm using a GTX 670 by ASUS with the Direct Cu II cooler. It only takes 2 slots. It's the most quiet GTX 670 and the temperatures doesn't seem to go beyond 70 C while the fan is only spinning at 30%, I'm pretty impressed.

    I'm gaming on 1080p as well, but I have to say that the 2 GB are already almost used up. Crysis 3 eats 1.8 GB same for Skyrim. Guild Wars 2 comes close as well. I'm actually worried that it might bottleneck my GPU in this year, with the new games coming out.

    4 GB does seem appealing to me right now, if you were to go SLI and game on 2 or 3 screens then absolutely get 4GB.
  6. 2 Gigs is just fine for current games while still having tasks running on other screens. I run 4 screens, (EyeFinity + 1). The only time I've seen my card go over using 2 gigs of ram is when running games on multiple screens (5760x1080). I can easily game on one screen, play live tv on another, and hd video on another and normally dont go over 2 gigs of useage. While 2 gigs seems good for now, personally I would try to go for a card with 3 or above since I'm sure newer titles will eventually use more and more ram.
  7. Well based on info I just read. 4gb might bottleneck. Also you owned ati when it was stupid. It got a lot better when it was bought out by amd. They are really good now. Better overclocks, better prices. You can get a card off better strength than a 670 4gb for over $100 less.
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