Can an ATI™ Mobility Radeon™ HD 7520M laptop system run bf3 online?

Hello BF3 fans,

i recently bought a laptop and im also planning on purchasing a copy of bf3 premium edition so i can play online.

but before that i just wanna know if my system can handle the game online on the lowest settings?

AMD® Trinity™ A6 4400M Processor
(35W, 2-Cores, 2.7-3.2Ghz, 1mb L2)
Mobile AMD® A50M Fusion, Hudson-M1 Chipset
4gb DDR3 ram memory
ATI™ Mobility Radeon™ HD 7520M, 192 Pipeline
(Terascale 3, APU, 497-686Mhz HD graphics)

im not really computer savvy i bought the laptop mainly for work but i also hope to use it on gaming every once and a while.
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  1. Hey

    seems like you have one of the lowest end APU combo. You should be able to run the game at lowest settings with 1280*1024 resolution.

    Your laptop only comes with integrated graphics? for example, I got an A10 laptop that has 7670M + 7660G dual graphics setup.

    Can you confirm whether your laptop has the 7520G as its only GPU? Btw, M is mainly for discreet GPUS and G is for integrated. M is usually higher performance.

    A link of your laptop could also help.
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