I need your help and opinion on the right router

I am at a point where i am starting to get semi overwhelmed and really need some help in selecting a router.  My wrt-600n flashed with dd-wrt has finally started to poop out and i want to buy a new router.

I'm sort of hard on routers so I want to spend anywhere from 50-130 or so.  My network consists of:

-1 desktop computer
-1 Laptop
-Plus I occasionally host parties with several xbox's (up to 8) on my network from friends.

I originally bought a e4200v2 but couldnt deal with how much i spent on it with tax ($170).  Most of my stuff that I care about performance for is plugged in.

My question is...what should I look for in a router that will provide a great wired throughput along with an ok wireless (I hear the n-16 has great wired throughput)?  Wireless isn't the most important thing to me but I need the good speeds for my online games  :wahoo: .

side note, ones that i looked at so far are. Asus 56u, asus n-16, netgear wndr3700, linksys e3200.
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  1. When you buy a wireless router, make sure that you look that it can work in both bands 2.4 and 5 Ghz. Check how far it can supply internet (range). Check its throughput as well. Check the functionality of USB port for NAS, SD card slot(optional), speed which it supports and its technical specifications.

    If you like new things, then I would suggest a wholly new concept in wireless networking.

    A wireless touch screen router with a 2.8" LCD screen. It can be configured by its own and does not need any computer. The SSID and paaskeys can be changed from its LCD screen itself and one does not need to log in to its web interface and its launching price is really very challenging. Check:
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