Black screen and other problems when gaming with new rig

Built a new rig, my first time. Whenever I game, I have major problems. Sometimes it just crashes to a black screen, requiring a hard reset to be able to do anything. Sometimes you can hear the game playing in the background clear, sometimes you can hear nothing, sometimes you can hear the sound looping super fast causing a buzzing noise.

Other times my monitor will just go black and say no signal detected, no sound or anything. The fans will keep spinning. Sometimes my game will say display driver crashed and close to the desktop, but you can still hear the sound when it reloads. However, you can't go back and play and have to kill the process in the task manager. Sometimes I will get a green screen with bars going through it. It usually only does this while gaming, it did it maybe twice on youtube. And sometimes when I'm listening to music the music will loop really fast for a few seconds before recovering.

Checked temps, both the CPU and GPU are fine.
Tried reformating
Rolling back drivers
Increasing voltage to CPU and RAM
Ran memtest, ran one memory stick at a time
Thought it was a bad card, bought a new card
Thought it was a bad power supply, bought a new power supply

I have every dime I could possibly spend in this computer, and can't afford to spend any more fixing it. Any ideas? I read literally everything on this, it has been going on 3 months.

i5 2005k
Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
Saphire 6870
Seasonic 620W
Corsair 8 gig ram

Please help I'm desperate
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  1. Unfortunately the only thing left is the mobo...
    I personally have stopped using Asus boards because I had a board with similar problems many years ago and when I sent it in for replacement they sent back a used board that had worse problems then the one I sent in...
    But as you said you have every penny invested in this computer...
    So..have you checked the bios version and the ram compatability?
    I'ld hate to suggest buying another mobo, you could look at getting that one replaced...
    Hope this helps...JQ
  2. I guess...that's what I thought but I was hoping for something else...I feared that from the beginning. Thanks for the speedy reply. Buying a new one wouldn't be that bad if I didn't spend all the money on the new card and PSU, since that's what most people seemed to suggest in the posts I read and those were the only two parts I reused from my old dead computer. I guess I have to take my chances with returning this one...thanks.

    It does seem to do it slightly less since I changed the power supply but that's probably all just my imagination, haha.
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