650 vs 650ti?

Why is the 650s core clock higher then the 650ti's and yet its cheaper and apparently less powerful? I keep hearing "clock speeds dont matter" But can someone explain why the 650ti is better then the regular version? Aside from its obvious 2 fans.


And how much of a gaming difference would i see from the 650ti versus my 550ti? More specifically Gigabyte Geforce GTX 550ti 1gb
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  1. Gtx 650ti is much better as more cuda cores so game will accelerate and give you more fps than gtx 650.from gtx 550ti you should upgrade to atleast hd 7850 to notice good performance.
  2. Why is everyone going nuts over this 7850? And like i stated in one of my other threads. Ive gone Nvidia and aint going back. so if i upgrade it would be to a Geforce GTX card within my affordable range. Most likely the 650ti OC Edition. But i did just get this 550ti practically so, ill hold off on an upgrade until i run into a game i cant run. Just tried the Crysis 3 Beta and i got 45 to 50 fps. So im good for now.
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    Ok gtx 650ti is fine just hd 7850 is way faster than gtx 650ti means it will more fps its like this : gtx650=hd 7750 < gtx 560ti < hd 7770 < gtx 650ti < hd 7850.
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