Looking for answer to SLI and Physx question.

I am currently looking to upgrade from a GTX560 to duel GTX660's. I have a GT240 doing physx work currently, is it worth putting the GTX560 in its place, or just keep the GT240 with the Duel 660's. I ask because i would have to buy a new power supply to support the extra power requirements, and was wondering if it was worth putting the extra 50 per card to get the ti model's and keep the GT240 or keep it with the duel 660's and use the 560 as the physx card and buy anew power supply.

Thanks in advance.

Current System

Intel Core i7 960 OC to 4G
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
18G Memory Kingston Hyper x
GT240 for Physix

Buying - Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 90G SATA III SSD
EVGA SuperClocked GTX660 2G Gddr5 X2 for SLI
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  1. I would not us any as a physx card since the SLI 660's will do fine on majority of games. And this would also give the 660's breathing more breathing room. Unless you only play games that support physx you wont get much of a FPS improvement on the other games. Thats how i feel. But i was wondering why not just get a 680. You will get better performance and less power consumption for about the same price.

  2. buy a gtx 670 i would suggest & use gtx 560 as dedicated physx & later on SLI gtx 670 would be worth & you save $100
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