How do I locate a wireless network using a realtek network adapter

I have just re-installed Windows Vista on my Toshiba Laptop and it connects fine to my virgin media router using a LAN line but when I try connecting wirelessly, no networks are found. I've tried up-dating the driver files form the C: drive(Window) and also from the net but with no joy.......Help?
Network adapter is a Realtek RTL 8187B.......
I hate admitting defeat as Im sure the solution is probably something simple........
Many Thanks
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  1. This may sound stupid but is your Wireless adapter turned on?
    If you don't see any Available Wireless Networks, your adapter may be off.
    All laptops have a hardware switch, usually on the side, over the keyboard or using a function key.
  2. Hi ngrego....
    Yep, its turned on, in device manager the network adapter is working properly. I've tried uninstalling it, downloading the most up to date drivers from the Toshiba support site, Realtek site etc.
    The silly thing just wont pick up any networks whatsoever when i try to connect to network....
    When I try to diagnose I get 2 offerings all the time.
    The first says the Network adapter may be having driver or hardware issues and
    Protocols IE4 and IE6 are not installed
    But when I check the properties of the adapter they exist plain as day.....
    Its a frustrating annoying puzzle
  3. That is odd! Can other PCs see the wifi network?
    Try Uninstalling the devce drivers, from Programs and Features then from device manager if the adapter has a driver installed there. Reboot your pc with a cable connected for internet access. Allow windows to install a driver itself and try connecting then.
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