Crossfire not working right?

ok so i have 2 gigabyte 7950 3gb cards. i5 3570k standard clocks. 8gb ram.

i'm playing the crysis 3 beta. and on medium settings i'm only averaging about 40 fps according to fraps. at 1080p. ultra settings are only about 10-15 fps.

crysis 2 jumped between 60-90 fps. i never checked it with my old card so i'm not sure if that's average for a set up like this or below, but just for reference.

anyways i have gpu-z and it constantly tells me the second card is running at its idle speed, 300mhz clock and 150 mhz ram. the main card though is running at full capacity.

iv'e never had crossfire before so i'm not sure what's up. and last time i had a 2 card set up was 2 9800's, which my father did everything for.

i haven't really messed with any settings, it's all at stock setting's. and using the crysis 3 presets. far cry 3 ran about 90 fps compared to about 60 with the single card as well. but i can never get gpu-z to register a change, except in temperature, even after i had furmark running both cards 100%.

any help would be really helpful, thanks.

oh and yes the bridge is connected, and the catalyst version is 12.1 ( i think) and now i'm trying with 13.2 beta.
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  1. Try with the beta. I don't think crossfire drivers are out for the crysis 3 beta yet.
  2. Download MSI Afterburner and see if you can get that to monitor any of these. You can also use it to limit FPS and reduce microstuttering as well as set fan profiles so the fan noise won't interfere with your gaming.
  3. im using 13.1 with my 7970 and on high with vsync. im getting a constant 60fps. not sure where it would top out at without vsync but you should be getting in the 50s at least with a single 7950 card on high. now on medium you should be super smooth uber playable n stuff.

    edit: im using 13.1 not 12.1
  4. What's your PSU?
  5. i have a 775 watt diablotek.

    well i downloaded afterburner, and it says the gpu is working, but usually not more then maybe like 15% on the second card. but i'm still having low frame rates. and like i said far cry 3 is still putting out 90 fps, sometimes more.
  6. I have a feeling diablotek are really dreadful PSU's. Definitely not worthy of a crossfire setup and not that close to its wattage.

    Do you have another good PSU to try?
  7. nope, it's the only psu i have.
  8. The I would recommend replacing the PSU. It's not suitable to power that setup.
  9. it isn't the psu. but a cheap one is risking your hardware.
    a bad psu or not enough wattage will NOT slow down games. if your right on the edge of the power supplies potential. it will drop voltage( cuz it cant keep up) and you will get a blue screen. but thats a very fine line. what generally happens when your powersupply is crap or provides too few watts is a reset, or your computer just wont start.
    you dont have those problems so its not power that is the issue.

    but let us know how the 13.2 beta drivers fared. perhaps that was the problem.

    otherwise i would say run some benchmarks see if your cpu or gpu is not performing normally 3dmark covers both. perhaps both components are doing fine except in that one game. which better software (drivers) would fix
  10. 3d mark will show how you stack up.

    PSU with small amounts of amps on the 12v rail can cause bad 3d performance even if it doesn't crash.
  11. i disagree. but i cant find any research on this. and im not willing to hook a rheostat and a meter up to my power supply to find out what happens at what amperage. =)
  12. Someone should look into it. I'm sure they don't clock up right without the required amperage.
  13. well ulps wasn't disabled it seems, when i manually did it, but i used sapphire TriXX to disable it, and i got to about 50fps on crysis 3 100% maxed with 13.2

    but still that seems kind of low to me all things considered.

    i'm fairly confident my power supply is sufficient. i haven't had any issues to indicate otherwise.

    i'm not really sure where to go from here, i want at least 60+ considering the set up.
  14. It's a new beta game that just got released yesterday and graphic card companies are going to need drivers to probably help it, give it a day or two.

    And in a surprise to nobody, AMD doesn't have crossfire support for this game ready yet... performance in crossfire is absolutely and completely horrible.
  15. in catalyst > performance > does it show crossfire enabled.
    under catalyst > performance > overdrive does it show 100% gpu utilization
    have you run gpuz yet?
  16. well that thread was a sad read :(

    randini yes it is enabled, and yes it shows the primary card as active. and yes.
  17. Would seem right for your cards then. AMD will eventually get out some good drivers hopefully.

    They have never been too quick at getting crossfire drivers out for not "gaming evolved" titles.
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