GTX 650 or HD 7750 or 7770

From my previos threads i decided to choose between gtx 650 , HD 7750, HD 7770. I am mostly gonna take HD 7770 with a new power supply.
current graphics card- 8400gs
ram - 8gb ddr3
mobo - foxconn g41md 5
processor - core 2 duo e4600 2.4 Ghz
gaming resolution - 1400 X 900
power supply - zebronics 450 w
i decided to choose hd 7770 (not yet buyed) because it was better than hd 7750. I currently dont have much money. So i was thinking to buy hd 7750 that wont even require an auxilary power connection . i was searching on net and found asuss gtx 650 that also dont need an power connection. Here's the link: at only Rs 8,659
Now my question is that is really dont need a power connection. Will it perform better than hd 7750 . Wont it bottleneck with my cpu . If it wont bottleneck than i will buy it because with hd 7770 i will have to change my cpu. What fps i will get in 2012 games . Will there be any problem if i buy a local psu . Have anyone heard of any psu problems with such less power consumin gpu
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  1. GTX650 performs around the same as an HD7750. I usually recommend the 7750 over it is because it's usually more expensive and uses more power (not by much). However, if they're price is similar or close enough not to bother, the next step is to look at game benchmarks for the games you play to see which one performs better to best suits your needs.
  2. Go with hd 7750 as much cheaper than 650.
  3. My main question was : is it necessary to buy a good brand psu rather than local brand . Local one are cheaper . Will my system be exhausted if i ran hd 7770 on a local brand 500w psu . Hav e you ever heard of one such person
  4. yes your psu will explode if you put in a 7770. so just stick with 7750
  5. If you have budget then get hd 7770 + new psu as it would be good for future as it would be helpfull when you upgrade your cpu in future!
  6. Is this ok for hd 7770 as its not a local brand psu :
    Point of View R-720167 Black Diamond 500W ATX 12V v2.2 and SLI ready –Indian Rupees(INR) Rs.2,200
  7. How much is your budget by the way? If you're limited with the video card alone, might as well get the HD7750, than the GTX650. Usually the latter is 8% more expensive.

    You might want to read this, hope it finds very helpful...,review-32611.html
  8. isnt the physx a plus point for gtx 650. i can see a lot of physx effect in the promos of unreal engine 4 and fox engine. They even said that unreal engine would only run on kepler base gpu
  9. Physicx not support all games.but gtx 650 priced more like hd 7750 and 650 perform same but hd costs rs 6700 and 650 at rs you think its worthwile for paying ($25) rs 1300 for physicx?
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