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I have a nvidia GeForce 620m graphics card on a brand new computer
when we got the computer the graphics card worked fine although im fairly sure its not an intergrated graphics card.
Anyway the computer has restored to factory settings (useless stepdads doing). I have updated the computer and re downloaded my games but when i start them up the graphics are terrible. I downloaded the driver from the nvidia website which detected the right driver for me but still no better graphics. Since the card is brand new and being detected and with the right driver i have no idea what could be wrong now as im really not great with technology.
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  1. well i havent done nvidia in a few years so i havent tried their driver finding software. but im gonna assume it found the right one. and since nvidia is pretty good about having working drivers. im gonna assume thats too isnt the problem.
    which leaves me to think the games settings are turned up too high for the card to handle.
    you could just turn the settings down, or if your not that familiar with all that you could say what games your playing and if im familiar with it, ill let you know about what to set the game to. then you can play with it from there to get it as good as you can.
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