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Hey Guys, First of all I'm sorry if this is in the wrong Category, This is my first topic I'm creating on this website, Now, My question is:

I want to build a new PC that's able to play some high-end games (Battlefield 3, Crysis 3), And I've got everything I need, Except the Graphics card, I'm willing to spend 300 Euro's (405 US Dollars, 257 Pounds)

I'll be playing at 1360x768, I want to be able to run Battlefield 3 on Ultra at a solid 60FPS

The PC Setup is:

Case: HAF 912 Plus
Processor: i7 3770k
Mobo: Asus P8H61
RAM: 8GB Non-Branded DDR3 RAM @ 1333Mhz
PSU: Corsair CX600M

Also, This will be my first real PC Build, I've had some experience with disassembling Computers. However I'll gladly take any tips anyone's got for me.

P.S: I know someone's going to say that I don't need an i7 for Gaming, but I've got one laying around, So I'll just use that ;)

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Who has an i7 "lying around"?

    A 7870 or 660ti. You might be able to pick up a 7950 or 670 if you can find a good deal.
  2. I managed to scavenge an i7 off an old PC I had in my home, Hence my Disassembling experience, anyway, I'm going to wait a bit longer before I make my decision, get some more people to reccomend me a card. :)
  3. +1 to 7950
  4. who has an ivy bridge in an old PC? moving on, EVGA GTX 670 FTW edition (factory overclocked) @ $389
  5. Well thats the card range you can get in that budget.

    The 670 is the most powerful but might be a little out of price range, The 7950 will be in price range hopefully but needs to be aftermarket to be really good and the other 2 are ones you can definitely afford.
  6. I don't see why everyone thinks 670 is out of the price range...
  7. The cheapest 670 I'm able to find (I want Dual Fans, I'm scared to death It'll overheat) is 349,99 Wich is 49,99 out of Price Range, I'll postpone for a Month or so then, Unless you guys think / know that 1 Fan is enough
  8. The 670 won't overheat unless your case is awful. Much cooler than reference 7950.
  9. I would suggest hd 7870 or gtx 660 as enough to run every games at max at your resolution.
  10. Guys, hes gaming at 720p, no need for a 7950. I would go with a 7850/7870. My 7870 is pretty much playing all games at high setting 1080p
  11. If he has budget for it then it would last a hell of a lot longer.

    But I agree at the moment a 7870 would be enough.
  12. Do not, for any reason, get a reference cooler (single fan) 670. It's loud under load in BF3, lots of smoke at the escalators on Metro really makes it scream.

    I went as far as to use a bottom fan and a cardboard tube to feed air directly from the outside to the 670's blower and it didn't make a dent.

    If I had it to do again I'd get the winforce.

    Edit: I'd also recommend getting the fastest card you can afford, since I would suggest your next purchase should be a 1080 (or higher) monitor.
  13. You're going to be playing a 1366x768? Are you planning a monitor upgrade any time soon? If you are, then a GTX670 or HD7950 would be decent choices. If not, then get a HD7850. On that resolution, you probably want AA, so I'd suggest AMD over nVidia because of Kepler's gimped memory bandwidth; high levels of AA hit them hard.
  14. If you're going to be playing at that res you're not going to need much. Maybe a 7770?
    That's such a mediocre res that i wouldn't be able to justify something like the 7950. It would be OVERKILL.
  15. I've found a website that sells a Bundle, 2 HD7850's for 320 Euro's, Just 20 Euro's over my Budget, If I were to get that I'd have to get a Mobo with 2x PCI-Express 3.0 Slots though, Any thoughts on this?

    My current plans would have me pay 67 Euro's for the Mobo, I'm willing to kick this up to 100 Euro's if my FPS would increase alot by getting 2 7850's.

    If anyone thinks this is a good idea, reccomend me some Motherboards under 100 Euros (135 US Dollars, 85 Pounds), And tell me if It's difficult to install 2 GPU's instead of one ;)
  16. Single powerful card now, get a better monitor down the road, add a second card after that if needed.
  17. A single HD7850 is sufficient for your current resolution.
  18. You would get awful stuttering in crossfire, not all games would work with it, strain your psu as thats only just the minimun with 2 7870's.
  19. I really wouldn't recommend SLI or crossfire for a first build, as a starting setup, at your resolution, or with midrange cards. Especially when you have to buy a new board...

    Multi gpu solutions should really be left to.high res gaming, or when you already have one card and want a boost
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