Hello, my PC Specs are: GTX 680 4GB
I7 3820 3.6GHz
Windows 7 Professional

My problem is I have 2 Monitors and only 1 DVI will work.
I have a DVI-I and a DVI-D and I have all the right adapters and even bought another monitor and the DVI-I port works perfect. But the DVI-D will not work. The monitors I have are VGA. Any Help?
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  1. The DVI-D port will not work with an analog VGA port, even with an adapter. This is a digital only port.

    As you have figured out, the DVI-I port, with the proper adapter, will work with a VGA display. This is because the DVI-I port carries both digital and analog signals.

    Do your monitors have DVI ports at all?
  2. Thanks for the response. Just ordered a BenQ VGA-DVI-D Monitor :) Thaks for the help!
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