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Amd hd7750 on a 380watt antec earthwatts psu

im looking to buy a hd7750 but i am just wondering if i can run it on this psu for the time being until i buy my larger psu. my processor is a intel quadcore q6600 2.4ghz and my motherboard is a intel DP35DP. i already have a hd6670 which runs perfectly fine so i was wondering if this would be the same


and also will i encounter any problems with the motherboard too. but like i said i can run the 6670 just fine.
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  1. It will work as hd 7750 consumes less power than 6670.hd 7750 consumes 43w at peak while 6670 consumes 50w.
  2. That is the peak while gaming, you should be going off the maximum. Amd states the tdp at 55w and 66w so this is what you should go off of.

    Get the sapphire, it's cheaper and has a better cooler.
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    Go with saphhire.hd 7750's peak load is 43w and at maximum will be fine. See here -
  4. You need to go off what amd says the tdp is. Different cards will have different power consumption even when clocked the same. There are other factors as well. You'd think amd will know their own gpus.
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  6. thanks guys, i ordered the saphire and it will be in tomorrow!
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